An experiment in global routing.


bluemedia.dn42 (AS4242423343) is my personal experimental network within DN42. The network is well connected with others and is currently mainly present in Germany.


The bluemedia.dn42 network currently consists of two public and one internal node. All nodes within the network form a full mesh using wireguard tunnels. iBGP is used as the interior gateway protocol. Services such as DNS and websites are hosted centrally behind the internal node.


The following tools and programs are used to run the bluemedia.dn42 network and core services:

  • Debian 11 - OS used on all host systems
  • bird2 - Routing daemon used on all nodes
  • WireGuard - VPN protocol used to connect all nodes
  • BIND 9 - Authoritative DNS server for forward and reverse zones
  • Unbound - Recursive DNS resolver