This page will provide you some information if you want to peer with the bluemedia.dn42 network. New peers are always welcome.

However, please make sure you have read the information below before sending a peering request.

Peering Requests

Please email for new peering requests or if you want to change existing peerings.


If you want to peer with me, you must meet the following requirements:

Required Information

At a minimum, I need the following information from you to configure a peering session:

All peering sessions will be configured as full transit sessions.

Additional information

Route Filtering

My network applies strict Route Origin Authorization (ROA) filtering on all imported and exported routes. Any advertised route that does not have a corresponding route{,6} object in the DN42 registry will be dropped.

Reachability Testing an Debugging

I have a looking glass that you can use to check your routing configuration.
Looking glasses are important if you want to understand how your routes are distributed in the DN42 network. So it’s best to learn how to use them right away.